Golf in St George Benefits

Golf , despite being a sport with a long history that goes back to Roman times already practiced a similar game , has acquired in recent years a boom in social sectors previously viewed them as a practice rather elitist. Offers courses in Spain have also grown significantly increasingly attracting fans, a phenomenon that golfing is possible to appreciate in the tourism sector has been found in this activity a new niche market to provide travelers .

However, playing golf can be defined not only as a game but the development of this physical activity is particularly suitable for people who suffer from heart problems, because it is a dynamic sport but turn low intensity practiced outdoors, and is also recommended by doctors for those with neurological or musculoskeletal system problems. Thus, it has been determined that many patients with this type of ailment and have started to play golf often improve their quality of life , especially as walks outdoors, on grass and a steady pace is excellent for health little chance of personal injury .

To play Gulfport Moreover, it is necessary to physically prepare before starting to play golf, carrying about 15 to 20 minutes of stretching and light jogging five minutes as part of physical training for golf that will decrease your chance of getting an injury by lack of flexibility.

Hence , separate heating combined with a good posture throughout the game prevent low back pain that often tend to suffer the fans to play golf that are not adequately prepared both before and after a game , at which point it is advisable to perform a cooling of about five minutes of aerobics and stretching five .


The estimated average travel can be done during a game is seven to ten kilometers , while the intensity always depend on the characteristics of the terrain and of course the weight load every golfer , hence the importance of a cardiovascular workout that will not only make the journey of the field but also stay in excellent physical condition .

Among the most important benefits of playing golf are, for example:

Help to keep fit

It tones the muscles of the legs

Increases good cholesterol

Helps maintain a good level of blood pressure and heart rate.

It is excellent for relaxation and stress and prevents osteoporosis.


Thus, the combination of body and mind are an excellent channel to help those who practice golf, not only to stay in shape and achieve excellent muscle building but also to let go of the stress that afflicts poor people living in big cities.

Golf is a great way to keep fit. Walking through the 18 hole golf course, take a bag full of tacos and make dozens of shots burns approximately 700 to 1000 calories depending on the size of the field.

Golf also helps keep the mind alert. More of a physical game, golf is a sport that challenges the ability to reason, analyze and strategize. To be a good player, you must be a good student. To play golf you will need to study the game itself, to acquire a high level of knowledge of the rules, etiquette and best techniques. Also needs to thoroughly study each field where you will play. Each field is different and offers its own challenges. It is necessary to know the distance of each fairway; you will face obstacles and dangers to avoid. To the type and height of the grass of the greens is important

The Golf in St George  contact with nature that provides the player. Most clubs and gyms invest heavily in the creation and maintenance of fields that are not only enjoyable to play but to see also. In a world increasingly urbanized and demanding, escape to the lush green fields can renew your spirit and help you stay stress free.

Golf also creates opportunities to socialize. Regular contact with people like that contributes to your mental and spiritual well -being just as good nutrition and exercise help keep your body healthy.

With all these benefits, it is not surprising the growing popularity of golf.

File field and vocabulary used

Golf is played outdoors on a large plot with obstacles along a series of holes spaced far from each other. Each hole is located in an area with well- trimmed lawn, known as green, with access by a space roughly cut grass, the fairway. At the other end of this room is the tee – where players start the game for each hole. It is also called the hole assembly of the tee, fairway and green. The normal golf courses have 18 holes, each with a fairway 90-550 m long or more. The aim is to hit a golf ball from the tee (with a small pile of plastic, also called Lee, placed on the ground by the player), along the fairway to the green and finally to the hole in as few strokes as possible. To play each hole an ideal number of strokes is established, according to the distance they are from the tee. It is called this number the ‘ pair ‘ the hole. The task is hampered by obstacles, natural or off, as trees, launders, untrimmed grass and ditches with sand bunkers. Strategically placed.

Common Mistakes

Two of the most common mistakes when giving blow golf are the hook. ‘, In which the ball is a curve from right to left (with a player is not left handed) in which the ball curves to the right, Slice co. A first step to fixing any of them is good alignment, which is achieved by drawing an imaginary line from the ball to stop the hole or other target set.

How to choose golf clubs

There are three categories of golf clubs, each with its specific use: woods, irons and putters. The woods are usually used on the fairways and tees for especially in long strokes for greets. The driver is a wood that serves generally to hit the ball off the tee on long holes. The irons are used usually for short or long strokes after the initial blow. The dredge is an iron used for short and high shots to the green either made or over obstacles or to take the ball to a ditch, and / Heifers serve to roll the ball on the greens and place it in the hole.

A beginner can learn the rudiments of golf with a small collection of clubs borrowed or purchased second-hand. A complete set of clubs is generally composed of three woods, eight irons, one wedge, one sand wedge (for sand) and facade read. If you sign up a golf club, you can consult with a professional player, who often owns a store golf clubs and other equipment c who knows more about the game than any employee of a sporting goods store.

The standard tacos are suitable for most players. There are measures for men, women and boys, but can be special ordered tacos with shorter or longer rods. The bass players need clubs with a smaller angle than the high. This angle is one that the rod makes with the ground when the club is resting on the base.

Heads and Varelas tacos can be made from various materials. The heads of the woods can be a special wood, persimmon, laminated wood, steel or graphite. The most suitable material Paia rods are steel. The total weight of the club shall be in accordance with the strength and ability of the player, the average player understands better with soft tacos. Choose rubber handles, easy to clean and handle when wet, and not leather.

The choice of putter is very personal, but, in general, should fit well in the hand, it is easy to align and tie balance and not wobble when you give the blow. Try different types of putter – the blade, with edge and mallet, are the most popular.



In any of the modes, when there is a tie after tumbling combined holes and you have to decide who the winner is usually the players resume from the first hole until one get one – this is called a play off the tie with sudden death.

Any of these modes can be played by two players in singles or pairs (two against two, if you play match play, or a pair against several others, in stroke play). Each group playing a return cannot be formed by more than four players.

In the starting pair, there is a foursome mode in which both partners alternately strike the same ball.

If the match is a pair of hall four, better hall, each partner plays with his own ball, but is only taken into account, for each hole, the best result for each pair.

In the form of greet some , each partner of the pair starts the hole with his ball , then continuing up with the ball considered to better position the modality of foursomes .


There are two basic modes of play and scoring:

Stroke play

Mode in which each player (or team of players) plays against every other, winning the one who gets the lowest number of strokes in the back, i.e. the IS holes.

Match play

Modality play hole by hole by individuals or groups against each other. Each hole is won by those who completed les greet some s strokes. The winner is the individual or group that has won more holes than those who are yet to play, and not what completed the back with fewer strokes. Who has won the first 10 holes, for example, can not miss, and is said to have won ‘ 10:08 ‘ – ice 8 with 10 holes to play.

Rules and marking points

The rules are set and periodically revised by agreement between the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews in Scotland, and the United States Golf Association. In Portugal, the organization of the championships of amateur players is in charge of the Portuguese Golf Federation.

Importance and Information on Health Technology

CHEN Health technology and present scientific advances in health do not only focus on developing better therapies or treatments, but also the health benefits provided online. The digital era does not omit any subject and does not exclude persons based on age. The Pew Research Center conducted a survey of Internet use in people 65 to 72 years, 53% of these adults make use of internet or email on a daily basis.

In the same study, the main challenges faced by older adults to make use of the new technology were identified: fear of computers and Smartphones, vision, hearing, lack of manual dexterity, limited financial resources, lack of opportunities learning and skepticism about the privacy of personal data. However, these challenges have become opportunities for experts in digital communication in older adults who have directed their efforts to provide electronic services to institutions or organizations that serve seniors.

Sara J. Scientific Czaja, director of the Center at the University of Miami says that seniors need to jump on the bandwagon of technology and the digital age for benefits offered by technology to health and daily increase “Getting more seniors connected to the network, either personal or assisted by a caregiver way, increases health care, quality of life, while reducing individual and governmental costs ” Czaja said.

According to Dr. Czaja , some of the benefits gained from health are:

Learning. People can learn more about their conditions and the handling thereof.

Empowerment. People to be more informed about their health, patients become active and can make informed decisions about their health.

Improve your emotional health as it remains socially connected with friends, family and support groups online.

Thanks to electronic medical records platforms, the patient can access them from the comfort of your home.

Continuous communication with their doctors via e -mail or video, conferencing eliminating long waits in doctors’ offices.

Virtual tours of doctors and that vital data such as blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels in the patient come immediately to the doctor.

Investigate and find medical specialists.

Request prescriptions online.

Develop a home exercise program appropriate to the constraints and needs of each person.

Improved nutrition and the patient find recipes and tips tailored to their sufferings. Most health sites are comprehensive, i.e. not only focus on the sufferings but comprehensive treatment of diseases: nutrition, exercise, counseling, alternative therapies.

It is noteworthy that many of these benefits are realized as individuals, institutions, companies and governments, to adopt the technology as a lifestyle.

Information on Health Technology

Advances in information on Health technology and communications are revolutionizing not just business models but are also affecting the health of society and the welfare of the people. – Wikipedia

It seems magical that these virtual tools we may seem impersonal and far from optimum communication from becoming a vehicle of intimacy between the professional and the user need any kind of support related to their physical or emotional well-being.

Fast internet connectivity that provides well channeled, is a powerful resource that puts technology to our service and cannot ignore.
And many do we miss. My most powerful coaching sessions were produced by Skype or phone, many miles away, and with extraordinary closeness.

I share with the company Inithealth this article which emphasizes on an innovative way to manage health through new technologies. Improving self-care and individual commitment through applications that bring us health professionals who are committed to create a society committed to health.

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