Best Tips for Green Holiday

Going on vacation organically helps preserve the environment and save money step

Resting on holiday together, without relaxing the ecological habits. A conscious consumer it is round and at all times, and more so if you are going to a protected area where the environmental impact can be even greater. In addition, environment friendly practices can help you save money. This article offers seven tips for enjoying holiday possible as friendly to the environment.
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1. Go to natural areas without damaging

Spain has a great tourist attraction in all its natural facets spread 3,000 beaches from north to south, hundreds of protected areas (after the United States is the country with more biosphere reserves in the world), the greatest biodiversity in Europe etc. Whatever the chosen location, it is imperative to behave respectfully with the environment: not to fire, no dumping and collect for recycling, not to alter the conditions of the environment, not to introduce invasive species or take wildlife or local fauna.
2. Choosing the means of transport greener

The holidays are a time for fun, but forget the three R’s ecological

Tourism has an environmental impact, but may be higher or lower depending on how it is done. Use public transportation like buses or trains is the best choice. The aircraft should be left for long trips, but there is always the possibility of offsetting the CO2 emissions caused by travel. If you cannot avoid the private vehicle, at least one can assume efficient driving, as well inflate the wheels, keep an appropriate speed, not abuse the climate, etc. , Which reduces emissions and economic output?
3. Hire friendly accommodation environment

Eco-tourism, or ecotourism, offers an alternative to conventional tourist destinations in harmony with their environment. Its makers provide a personalized and according to sustainable behavior treatment: organic products, respect for nature, use of renewable systems and efficiency of natural resources (especially water and energy), recycling of waste, etc.

A criterion for choosing an establishment of ecotourism is guided by the specific certificates as Bio -Hotels, ISO, EMAS or the European Ecolabel. Also, rural hotels use the distinctive “green stars” and the criteria for establishing the number the environment and sustainability is.

Another option is to stay in a conventional hotel that has an established environmental policy. To check this, the websites of these companies often emphasize its commitment when booking or can ask their managers and see how far we have assumed. The more consumers demand sustainable criteria, companies will have more on this principle.
4. Subscribe environmental volunteer

NGOs and institutions offer various environmental volunteer programs throughout Spain. Besides feeling useful and raise public awareness of the needs of the environment, environmental volunteers know interesting people committed to the environment and save money in a conventional tourist destination.

The offer is becoming more varied habitat conservation of endangered species, restore degraded areas, species monitoring and census information to the visitors of a natural space, etc. It is best to contact those responsible for environmental NGOs and institutions place to live for more information. If anything is not organized about it, claim it as a concerned citizen.
5. Stay home and enjoy our surroundings

The easiest ways to be environmentally friendly rentals, and incidentally save money, not go outside the usual environment. Thus, the environmental impact caused by transport, in particular the private vehicle is avoided. Increasingly environmental proposals offered by the cities if you know the right information search. Local and provincial institutions and environmental NGOs can provide more information. In addition, you can enjoy places or activities on a daily basis cannot.
6. Reduce, reuse and recycle, also on vacation

The holidays are a time for fun, rest, change of air, see new places and customs, new people, but do not imply you have to forget about the classic three Rs of environmental behavior: reduce to use only what is necessary, especially resources basic as water, energy and food; reuse products to give them a longer life, and recycling for its material, even if it is in natural areas where environmental impact can be greater.
7. Before leaving home, also ecological

Environmental awareness should not leave home on vacation. When leaving home should take a few tips that will help us to conserve the environment, and incidentally, to save money: unplug electronic devices, review the fridge, turn off the heater, faucets observe, not to litter, avoid saturating the mailbox, not leave pets, etc.

Another Tip for Green Holiday
1 – The first thing is to use green transport as possible. Ideally avoid tickets but often it is virtually impossible so far that you can find the chosen holiday destination. If you decide to travel by car, then it is important that once in place we move cycling, walking or using public transportation, all depending on the distance.

2 – Waste recycling. At home know that you are all able to separate trash container and then lower it to the playing, as you can do when you find Holiday. In virtually everyone there differentiators waste containers, especially in countries of the European Union.

3 – Respect the landscape. Go to the beach and enjoy the crystal clear waters or traveling to the mountains and breathe a pure and clean environment surrounded by an intense nature, will not be possible in a few years if we do not respect our environment. It is important to always pick up residue and not leave lying on the beach or the mountains. If all we did, we would enjoy today more forests and spectacular beaches.

4 – Test the local cuisine. Try local produce can help to reduce the ecological footprint. We will also be doing a favor to the whole region we visited.

5 – Avoid air conditioning or use it as little as possible. We are aware that in summer temperatures soar so exaggerated as to places. Therefore, it is essential to use the air conditioning often. However, we encourage you to use it responsibly. As for travel by car, please note that activate the air conditioning equals spent three liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers city road and 10 liters.

6 – Saving water. This is one of the most basic points. Turn off the tap while brushing our teeth or washing our hands is very important. These are small details that multiplied by the millions of people who travel every summer very noticeable.

7 – Rejects cosmetics throwaway. It is advisable to take cosmetics house and not buy the typical small size containers can buy in any store rental. These are highly polluting.

8 – Going for a green sunscreen. First, I must say that it is highly discouraged sunbathing between 12 and 15 hours. If you decide to sunbathe or to such other time, wear a sunscreen that protects you and that is to be organic. Those that are not organic contain sunscreen agents which damage to the food chain, affecting microorganisms like plankton.

9 – Respect for the flowers. Biodiversity cannot be altered. No one has to cut flowers or corals when you are on vacation. Everything has to be as we have found.

10 – Respect for the local culture. Besides all these tips are very useful, we must be people and respect all those villagers we visited. This is especially important in sparsely populated and unspoiled.