Marketing importance of Point of Sale

Good management of a selling point presupposes the development of a strategy that maximizes sales and profitability of the retail outlet. At a time when competition is increasingly fierce, only a knowledgeable company that can survive in the long term.

Commercial enterprises have to adapt to the current reality and, under threat of insolvency, are forced to use all sorts of marketing strategies that enable them to increase their profitability.
Point of Sale
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Today, I traveled to three hypermarkets region where I live, having seen some of the merchandising strategies used by those commercial spaces. Not everyone uses the same strategies, one of them being that the merchandising techniques were few and incipient. I could see that one of the selling points of a known insignia had a coherent strategy and product range offered, as well as its distribution in the linear, facilitated customer purchases. Although to be talking about three of the biggest companies working in Portugal in the area of food distribution, the environment created in the selling point is quite different in each of these companies. Similarly, there is a significant difference between the strategies used by each of the major groups of food distribution.


The successes of companies are playing increasingly at the point of sale. That’s where the people decide what they want to buy , it is through the environment created at the point of sale that people remain more or less time , at the point of sale is that people realize that the products offered will or will not meet their needs.

The decision to purchase a product to a particular company depends on a very diverse set of factors, but one should not underestimate the importance of the point of sale has the choice of supplier.

Power of Marketing

Power of Marketing at Point of Purchase draws attention to the fact that it is often overlooked the importance of a marketing strategy for local retail sales. The stores are undergoing a process of innovation, the result of the awareness that these sites should be unique and memorable, providing customers with differentiated consumer experiences. Therefore, this work addresses the new possibilities in marketing to the customer at point of sale.

For a long time Marketing was focused on advertising and promotion through the media, having no strategy for the optimization of the primary links between the company and the consumer at point of sale. This type of communication can reach inaccessible to other means objectives, and for such a strategy to be outlined through a Marketing Plan. Know your product, target audience, market and competition, define the marketing objectives based on a well defined strategy, can make all the difference in the shopping experience.

But I might bring the customer to the point of sale is necessary multichannel marketing strategies , using  for example , social networks , websites themselves to attract customers to the store , such as ” gift cards , promotions and coupons .” Thus, when the consumer enters the establishment has already pre- determined arrangements to purchase such pre- arrangements, which are created by the “normal ” marketing channels.

Stores should be, not just a local sales of products or services, but where customers can enjoy experiences. For some establishments adapt, providing customers with entertainment and consumer experience, such as bookstores with cafeteria service, equipment shops with smaller rooms where you can enjoy the equipment, etc. In addition, the premises must be fashionable and functional.

The project POS (point of sale) shall be designed by the team with the aim of satisfying the needs of customers and increase sales, profit generating.

The tools available are deals, the displays, temporary price reductions, coupons, rebates or discounts, samples, games and raffles. These may be intended for the dealer or consumer, in order to “force” the entry of the product in store (push strategies) and motivate the consumer to purchase (pull strategies). After using these tools you have to do a review on sales. Using new technologies, it is now much simpler and more reliable to obtain concrete data on quantities, location, and time of sales. The use of loyalty programs allows us to obtain demographic data, among others, about the consumers.

To increase sales displays can be used in point of sale should have a creative and innovative design in order to capture consumer attention. The producers of these displays are in cash looking for new ways, new materials, lower cost, more sustainable and more functional. Lately, we have seen an evolution in the use of technology, either with electronic displays virtual images or specific information, new technologies for self-checkout payment, etc. But the trend is also reducing clutter, reducing the space and creating more of these permanent fixtures.

Digital media are becoming increasingly a reality in the POV; they are flexible communication channels and provide specific information tailored to each property and even the location in the store. It is proved that this medium can generate sales and support the brand but this has to “tell compelling stories, evoke emotions, and engage the customer.”