Importance and Information on Health Technology

CHEN Health technology and present scientific advances in health do not only focus on developing better therapies or treatments, but also the health benefits provided online. The digital era does not omit any subject and does not exclude persons based on age. The Pew Research Center conducted a survey of Internet use in people 65 to 72 years, 53% of these adults make use of internet or email on a daily basis.

In the same study, the main challenges faced by older adults to make use of the new technology were identified: fear of computers and Smartphones, vision, hearing, lack of manual dexterity, limited financial resources, lack of opportunities learning and skepticism about the privacy of personal data. However, these challenges have become opportunities for experts in digital communication in older adults who have directed their efforts to provide electronic services to institutions or organizations that serve seniors.

Sara J. Scientific Czaja, director of the Center at the University of Miami says that seniors need to jump on the bandwagon of technology and the digital age for benefits offered by technology to health and daily increase “Getting more seniors connected to the network, either personal or assisted by a caregiver way, increases health care, quality of life, while reducing individual and governmental costs ” Czaja said.

According to Dr. Czaja , some of the benefits gained from health are:

Learning. People can learn more about their conditions and the handling thereof.

Empowerment. People to be more informed about their health, patients become active and can make informed decisions about their health.

Improve your emotional health as it remains socially connected with friends, family and support groups online.

Thanks to electronic medical records platforms, the patient can access them from the comfort of your home.

Continuous communication with their doctors via e -mail or video, conferencing eliminating long waits in doctors’ offices.

Virtual tours of doctors and that vital data such as blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels in the patient come immediately to the doctor.

Investigate and find medical specialists.

Request prescriptions online.

Develop a home exercise program appropriate to the constraints and needs of each person.

Improved nutrition and the patient find recipes and tips tailored to their sufferings. Most health sites are comprehensive, i.e. not only focus on the sufferings but comprehensive treatment of diseases: nutrition, exercise, counseling, alternative therapies.

It is noteworthy that many of these benefits are realized as individuals, institutions, companies and governments, to adopt the technology as a lifestyle.

Information on Health Technology

Advances in information on Health technology and communications are revolutionizing not just business models but are also affecting the health of society and the welfare of the people. – Wikipedia

It seems magical that these virtual tools we may seem impersonal and far from optimum communication from becoming a vehicle of intimacy between the professional and the user need any kind of support related to their physical or emotional well-being.

Fast internet connectivity that provides well channeled, is a powerful resource that puts technology to our service and cannot ignore.
And many do we miss. My most powerful coaching sessions were produced by Skype or phone, many miles away, and with extraordinary closeness.

I share with the company Inithealth this article which emphasizes on an innovative way to manage health through new technologies. Improving self-care and individual commitment through applications that bring us health professionals who are committed to create a society committed to health.