Need to Know When Traveling With an Infant

Air traveling can be stressful enough when you have to bring children or even one child, it could be a real challenge if you need to take an infant with you. There is limited space inside the plane and the air pressure will surely hurt the baby’s ears. Prior to boarding, the infant will have to deal with the crowd and the endless announcements from the loud speakers. These things are not normal for babies and may irritate them to no end. We had to deal with these issues with our baby when we did a photo tour of hwy 12 Utah photos.

Leaving Bryce, along Hwy 12

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If you think flying with children requires planning, flying with an infant requires double of that planning. Though airlines are said to be baby-friendly these days, there could still be some difficulties and instances that may turn a flight into a frustrating or even a disastrous one.

The first thing you should do if you have to take you infant on a flight is to prepare yourself. If you are not ready, do not expect the child or everybody else to be. You are the one responsible for the baby’s welfare therefore you are the one to be extra ready for the worse.

Planning Stage
This starts with preparation of the required documents, flight booking, airfare payments, listing down what you need to bring, and stuffs you do before you go to the airport. At this stage, you also need to decide if you want to put the baby on your lap for the rest of the flight or you can buy a ticket and bring a car seat. There are strollers that can be convertible into car seat and you may already have them at home.

At the Airport
You have to be prepared on how you can easily navigate checking in, make sure the documents are easily accessible to you. Then you have to go through the security screening and the gate area. These can be very difficult for both you and the child, but if you come prepared the hassles will just pass through.

During the Flight
At the pre-boarding stage the child may start to whine, it is therefore ideal if you can put the baby to sleep. This may be hard especially since there will be a lot of people and napping may not be possible for the baby. Always have something for the baby to play with. And do not forget to keep the bottle formula handy at all times. Most times, the first few minutes on board are the hardest, usually though a child behaves as soon as he/she realized that everything will be fine after all. If the baby cried, do not be too upset, everyone on board will understand that even if some people will not probably like it. Just try to cajole the baby into good mood, you must know what makes your baby happy and quiet, so do your best trick here.

All in all, flying with an infant will never be an easy thing. There will be hassles no matter how well-behaved an infant is. The best thing to keep in mind is that the whole flying thing is not going to take a lifetime, in a few hours, everything will be back to normal.