Prevent Summer Diseases

When we  think of traveling and seeing the world we don’t often think of the bad things that can happen. The things that if we’re not prepared for can ruin any vacation. I recently spent some time at a motel St George Utah, where I was informed about the necessity of preparation before traveling. And how you need to prevent summer diseases as you’re out and about seeing everything the world has to see.

It is to be assumed that the hype of diseases will be prevalent during summer. A consultant of the Department of Health says that if the weather is too hot, the body has a hard time to balance the normal temperature of the body which is 24-25 degrees. Because of the normal rise of temperature during hot weather, this is where a person has the tendency to have diseases.

Prevent summer diseases, motel st george utahPhoto Credit: Moyan Brenn

It is most common to have cough and colds during summer, as well as fever, sore eyes, measels, debgue, malaria, sunburn, and rashes. Food and water-borne diseases are also prevalent, such as typhoid, cholera, hepatitis A, food poisoning and diarrhea.


Below are tips to prevent getting diseases this summer:

On Eating Habits

Make sure to cook food properly.
If possible, eat it right away while it is hot.
For left over foods, put it inside the refrigerator. Heat it before re-eating.
Wash hands before preparing the food and before eating.
If you are already sick, avoid being the one to prepare the food.
Make sure to drink lots of water, up to 8 to 10 glasses everyday.
Eat fruits and vegetables.

Beach and Resorts

Do not let children swim by themselves.
Avoid staying under the sun for too long, 3 hours or more.
Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration.
Wear comfortable and light clothes.