Ten Important Things – Female Travelers Must Bring

Female backpackers travel light, but they also manage you stay good looking along the way. How do they do that? Simple, they only bring the essential traveling items like the following:

  1. Their most comfortable bras. It is always better to travel with an extra pair. If you are backpacking there will be no time for the lacy undies so better bring the comfy ones.
  2. A bandanna or probably two bandannas  These items are easy to wash and dry off and can be reused after a few hours. They are also very lightweight so that means that they do not take up much room in your bag. You can actually wear them all the time. They are functional as headbands, belts, towel substitutes, pouch, tourniquet for emergencies, eye masks and of course they can cover your head during those bad hair days.
  3. Tampons. There are easier to carry around than sanitary napkins. Actually you must bring them with you because they may not be available where you’re going.
  4. Lots of hair or rubber bands. For women with long hair these are absolute necessities. These are cheap items and they also do not take much room.
  5. Condoms. You may not be planning to have sex while traveling but if you are going with your husband or a lover, this should be a necessity. It could also be possible that your companion has some on his bag. For solo women travelers, it can be a safety measure just in case you get lucky.
  6. Several pairs of underwear. Two to three pairs are okay, but to be on the safe side you can add another pair. It is always a good feeling to wear fresh undies even if you have to go trekking back and forth. Besides extra pair of undies take little room too.
  7. A nice dress or a cute outfit. Backpacking does not necessarily mean there will be no time for parties. You may be invited to dine, drink and dance at a certain night so you’d better come prepared. Even if no one invites you, it is always good to go out and be pretty once in a while.
  8. Minimal makeup. You can leave your gigantic make up kit at home. You are going backpacking and not on a photo shoot. Powder, lipstick, lip gloss and mascara will do the job of making you look good for those souvenir photos.
  9. Two-in-one toiletries. Instead of bring a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner, why don’t you bring a shampoo with conditioner bottle. You can also bring sun block with moisturizer or lipstick that comes with a brush. You need to understand the need to keep thing minimal to make use of your bag space to the maximum.
  10. Different sizes of Ziploc bags. These items are as lightweight as rubber bands and like bandannas  they have many uses. Just take a few and you will be very thankful that you did in the end.

Before getting on that plane, you have to make sure to check and recheck your baggage. Although there is a good chance that you can buy your necessities at your destination, it is always better if you can come prepared for emergencies.