Tips for Going Solo – Single Traveling

Traveling alone can have its benefits, of being able to enjoy new surroundings and indulge in new experiences on your own. But single traveling can have its perils as well. When you are alone in a new place that you’re visiting for the first time, issues such as loneliness and safety concerns can be paramount. Some common sense though with a little preparation can save you a lot of trouble and some money too but still allow you to do fantastic things like my recent Zion jeep tours trip to southern Utah.


Reasons Why People Travel Alone- There are many reasons why people travel alone and some of them include:

  • Business or Work-related reasons – if you are required to travel due to business or work-related reason then you have no choice but to go solo. Mostly, in cases like this, there is no need to worry about safety and loneliness because you will be busy with your traveling objectives.
  • Self-indulgence – there are just some people who have always dreamed of exploring a new destination on their own. This usually results in ideal self-discovery.
  • To experience new challenges – this is usually the ultimate reason. Nothing beats the thrill of getting over new challenges without any help from anyone. If you fail, no one is there to criticize you. If you succeed you know that you singly deserve every merit.

Benefits of Solo Traveling- If there are reasons to travel alone, it only means that there are benefits too like the following:

  • You will be in complete control – you can either set your travel itinerary or you can also ditch that and no one is going to be affected.
  • You also will be able to spend only what you want to spend. There will be no one to tell you not to buy this or to try that.
  • It is also easier to make new friends because there will be no one to tell you not to trust anyone.
  • You are also not answerable to anyone, you can eat whenever and wherever you like. You can even stay in bed the whole day if you want too.
  • You can also be more reflective and observant regarding all your new discoveries. No one is going to contradict you on all kinds of exciting insights about you will have about yourself and the new world you are discovering.
  • Finally, it is always a little more fulfilling to be able to come home and prove to everyone that you were able to pull it through.

There are a few safety measures to consider though if you are going to travel on your own:

  • Research well – do not embark on a new adventure on your own unless you know everything you need to know about the place you are visiting.
  • Try to look confident – if you start looking confused you will look obviously alone in a strange place.
  • Blend with the locals – this may not be easy if you are a Caucasian in an Asian country or vice-versa. But you can still do this by trying to look like you know where you are going all the time.
  • Ask for advice only from authorities – if you need to ask for directions, make sure you do it before you leave your hotel. Or if you got lost along the way, always look for police officers or establishment security guards.

Solo traveling is definitely not for everyone, but if you think you are ready for it, be sure that you know exactly what you are getting into.

Photo Credit: John Fowler