Best Tips for Green Holiday

Going on vacation organically helps preserve the environment and save money step

Resting on holiday together, without relaxing the ecological habits. A conscious consumer it is round and at all times, and more so if you are going to a protected area where the environmental impact can be even greater. In addition, environment friendly practices can help you save money. This article offers seven tips for enjoying holiday possible as friendly to the environment.
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1. Go to natural areas without damaging

Spain has a great tourist attraction in all its natural facets spread 3,000 beaches from north to south, hundreds of protected areas (after the United States is the country with more biosphere reserves in the world), the greatest biodiversity in Europe etc. Whatever the chosen location, it is imperative to behave respectfully with the environment: not to fire, no dumping and collect for recycling, not to alter the conditions of the environment, not to introduce invasive species or take wildlife or local fauna.
2. Choosing the means of transport greener

The holidays are a time for fun, but forget the three R’s ecological

Tourism has an environmental impact, but may be higher or lower depending on how it is done. Use public transportation like buses or trains is the best choice. The aircraft should be left for long trips, but there is always the possibility of offsetting the CO2 emissions caused by travel. If you cannot avoid the private vehicle, at least one can assume efficient driving, as well inflate the wheels, keep an appropriate speed, not abuse the climate, etc. , Which reduces emissions and economic output?
3. Hire friendly accommodation environment

Eco-tourism, or ecotourism, offers an alternative to conventional tourist destinations in harmony with their environment. Its makers provide a personalized and according to sustainable behavior treatment: organic products, respect for nature, use of renewable systems and efficiency of natural resources (especially water and energy), recycling of waste, etc.

A criterion for choosing an establishment of ecotourism is guided by the specific certificates as Bio -Hotels, ISO, EMAS or the European Ecolabel. Also, rural hotels use the distinctive “green stars” and the criteria for establishing the number the environment and sustainability is.

Another option is to stay in a conventional hotel that has an established environmental policy. To check this, the websites of these companies often emphasize its commitment when booking or can ask their managers and see how far we have assumed. The more consumers demand sustainable criteria, companies will have more on this principle.
4. Subscribe environmental volunteer

NGOs and institutions offer various environmental volunteer programs throughout Spain. Besides feeling useful and raise public awareness of the needs of the environment, environmental volunteers know interesting people committed to the environment and save money in a conventional tourist destination.

The offer is becoming more varied habitat conservation of endangered species, restore degraded areas, species monitoring and census information to the visitors of a natural space, etc. It is best to contact those responsible for environmental NGOs and institutions place to live for more information. If anything is not organized about it, claim it as a concerned citizen.
5. Stay home and enjoy our surroundings

The easiest ways to be environmentally friendly rentals, and incidentally save money, not go outside the usual environment. Thus, the environmental impact caused by transport, in particular the private vehicle is avoided. Increasingly environmental proposals offered by the cities if you know the right information search. Local and provincial institutions and environmental NGOs can provide more information. In addition, you can enjoy places or activities on a daily basis cannot.
6. Reduce, reuse and recycle, also on vacation

The holidays are a time for fun, rest, change of air, see new places and customs, new people, but do not imply you have to forget about the classic three Rs of environmental behavior: reduce to use only what is necessary, especially resources basic as water, energy and food; reuse products to give them a longer life, and recycling for its material, even if it is in natural areas where environmental impact can be greater.
7. Before leaving home, also ecological

Environmental awareness should not leave home on vacation. When leaving home should take a few tips that will help us to conserve the environment, and incidentally, to save money: unplug electronic devices, review the fridge, turn off the heater, faucets observe, not to litter, avoid saturating the mailbox, not leave pets, etc.

Another Tip for Green Holiday
1 – The first thing is to use green transport as possible. Ideally avoid tickets but often it is virtually impossible so far that you can find the chosen holiday destination. If you decide to travel by car, then it is important that once in place we move cycling, walking or using public transportation, all depending on the distance.

2 – Waste recycling. At home know that you are all able to separate trash container and then lower it to the playing, as you can do when you find Holiday. In virtually everyone there differentiators waste containers, especially in countries of the European Union.

3 – Respect the landscape. Go to the beach and enjoy the crystal clear waters or traveling to the mountains and breathe a pure and clean environment surrounded by an intense nature, will not be possible in a few years if we do not respect our environment. It is important to always pick up residue and not leave lying on the beach or the mountains. If all we did, we would enjoy today more forests and spectacular beaches.

4 – Test the local cuisine. Try local produce can help to reduce the ecological footprint. We will also be doing a favor to the whole region we visited.

5 – Avoid air conditioning or use it as little as possible. We are aware that in summer temperatures soar so exaggerated as to places. Therefore, it is essential to use the air conditioning often. However, we encourage you to use it responsibly. As for travel by car, please note that activate the air conditioning equals spent three liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers city road and 10 liters.

6 – Saving water. This is one of the most basic points. Turn off the tap while brushing our teeth or washing our hands is very important. These are small details that multiplied by the millions of people who travel every summer very noticeable.

7 – Rejects cosmetics throwaway. It is advisable to take cosmetics house and not buy the typical small size containers can buy in any store rental. These are highly polluting.

8 – Going for a green sunscreen. First, I must say that it is highly discouraged sunbathing between 12 and 15 hours. If you decide to sunbathe or to such other time, wear a sunscreen that protects you and that is to be organic. Those that are not organic contain sunscreen agents which damage to the food chain, affecting microorganisms like plankton.

9 – Respect for the flowers. Biodiversity cannot be altered. No one has to cut flowers or corals when you are on vacation. Everything has to be as we have found.

10 – Respect for the local culture. Besides all these tips are very useful, we must be people and respect all those villagers we visited. This is especially important in sparsely populated and unspoiled.

Proper Care and Cleaning Tips for Jewelry

Caring for jewelry requires thorough cleaning in order to make it always ready to wear. Your jewelry is something that you treasure that is why I highly recommend that you take extra care with the materials you use for polishing and with chemicals for cleaning. Recently we had to do some traveling to find the right ring, but with St George diamond rings helping us out and then teaching us how to clean the jewelry afterwards we were pretty happy.

Here are some tips that can help on proper caring for jewelry:

·   Do not use any material but one hundred percent cotton for your polishing cloth. Polyester, paper and other coarse fabrics may cause scratches on your jewelry, especially on your sterling silver pieces.

JewelryPhoto Credit: Svetlovskiy Alexandr

·   I also highly recommend to always use fresh clothes and never to reuse the one you have previously used. The reason for this is because grit and dirt left on the used cloth will just scrape your jewelry piece if you try to use that again.

·   Always gently wipe off your jewelry piece after every use, your skin’s natural oil and excess make up may stick to the metal and will cause fading in the long run.

·   Avoid using abrasive cleaners or toothpaste to clean stones or metal on your jewelry. Though some people recommend toothpaste because it provides shine and luster to jewelry, I strongly recommend against it. Toothpaste has abrasive properties that can cause damage to metal surface, which will require a professional refinish in order to get it back into its original form.

·   For sterling silver jewelry piece use warm soapy water; use mild soap and not detergent. Soak the piece for 2 to 3 minutes and then rinse well with clean water. Let the piece to dry out completely prior to storage in an air-tight bag. This cleaning method will effectively remove dirt, grease and fingerprints from your sterling silver jewelry.

·   To keep your sterling silver or gold jewelry shiny and sparklingly beautiful, wrap it up in a piece of jewelry tissue paper before placing on a zip lock bag.

·   Soaking cleaning method maybe good for some jewelry pieces but this is not the way to clean pieces that comes with stones like turquoise, and amber. For such pieces, you still need warm soapy water formulation, but instead of soaking the piece, you just use a soft bristled brush for cleaning, that way, the stones are not soaked for too long. Always wipe clean with soft cotton cloth, dry out before storage.

·   Always take your jewelry off when swimming in a chlorinated pool. The chlorine in the water will cause fading of the metals.

·   Avoid exposing your jewelry to excessive heat and lights.

What you shouldn’t use when cleaning your jewelry:

There are materials and chemical that you should never use for cleaning of your jewelry pieces and they are the following:

·   Polyester fabric

·   Regular tissue paper

·   Toothpaste

·   Chlorine bleach

·   Denatured alcohol

·   Ammonia

·   Turpentine

·   Acetone

·   Petroleum based products (not good for Ambers)

Do not let the shine go out of you precious jewelry. You should make it a point to check them out once in while. Your jewelry can serve you for a very long time and it can be passed on from one generation to the next. All you need to do now is to know the proper way in caring for jewelry. Make certain if you’re going to be traveling to take the necessary supplies so that you’ll be able to properly care for your jewelry.

Hiking Southern Utah

This articles title may seem like a mistake, you don’t travel to a hotel only to go hiking; but alas you can if you really want to have a good time. You see if you find a hotel southern Utah near a fabulous hike and you’ve got kids with you then traveling to it and then doing the hike from there is a great idea to spare some complaining.

So if you will be traveling in nature for a few days, then having a trail snack is important to maintain a supply of energy in your body. Here are some tips on what to bring to make it the most effective.

Hiking from a hotel southern utahPhoto Credit: Derek Hatfield

Supply of carbohydrates

Nutritionists have always reminded us that carbohydrates are important to ensure efficient and continuous supply of energy. Within a day of hiking, a body can lose as much as 50% of energy. Losing that much energy not only weakens you but also makes you feel colder during nighttime. That’s why it is important that you eat between rests in hiking to maintain your energy tank.

 Trail Snacks

How much you should bring depends on the temperature and the load of your baggage. But most of the time it should be enough to provide of your daily calorie intake. Needless to say, your trail snacks should contain a high level of carbohydrates. Sugar is also good because it can quickly reach your bloodstream. Minerals are also important because it replace the water that we lost through sweating.

What are the best trail snacks?

Dried fruits and granola are good but peanuts and chocolates should likewise not be forgotten. Therefore the best trail snack is probably the mixture of all of them. You may mix them depending on your taste or on the amount of calories needed for the hike. Also, you can add a cold or hot milk in the mix.

Keep your trail snacks in the pockets of your jacket or of your pants or anywhere where you can easily reach them without having to stop hiking.

Prevent Summer Diseases

When we  think of traveling and seeing the world we don’t often think of the bad things that can happen. The things that if we’re not prepared for can ruin any vacation. I recently spent some time at a motel St George Utah, where I was informed about the necessity of preparation before traveling. And how you need to prevent summer diseases as you’re out and about seeing everything the world has to see.

It is to be assumed that the hype of diseases will be prevalent during summer. A consultant of the Department of Health says that if the weather is too hot, the body has a hard time to balance the normal temperature of the body which is 24-25 degrees. Because of the normal rise of temperature during hot weather, this is where a person has the tendency to have diseases.

Prevent summer diseases, motel st george utahPhoto Credit: Moyan Brenn

It is most common to have cough and colds during summer, as well as fever, sore eyes, measels, debgue, malaria, sunburn, and rashes. Food and water-borne diseases are also prevalent, such as typhoid, cholera, hepatitis A, food poisoning and diarrhea.


Below are tips to prevent getting diseases this summer:

On Eating Habits

Make sure to cook food properly.
If possible, eat it right away while it is hot.
For left over foods, put it inside the refrigerator. Heat it before re-eating.
Wash hands before preparing the food and before eating.
If you are already sick, avoid being the one to prepare the food.
Make sure to drink lots of water, up to 8 to 10 glasses everyday.
Eat fruits and vegetables.

Beach and Resorts

Do not let children swim by themselves.
Avoid staying under the sun for too long, 3 hours or more.
Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration.
Wear comfortable and light clothes.

4 Tips for Effective Fishing

Cutthroat Trout Photo Credit: Roger Tabor (USFWS)Photo Credit:USFWS Pacific

Yes you can travel to go fishing, in fact many people do it to find that illusive fish you’ve never before caught. It really is a thrill to be wading through the water only to feel a pull on your line and then it’s go time. It is always important that you have as much information as possible about the art of fishing, not just in your area where you live and fish, but also fishing in general in all corners of the planet. I know more about the fishing itself, and although I have 25 years experience fishing in fresh and salt water, every day I try to learn something new to enrich my repertoire as an experienced fisherman. On a recent ATV Zion tour this is what I learned.

These 4 tips will assure that you will be better prepared to make good fishing. PUT INTO PRACTICE from today:

1 – How to fish more effectively: The Ballas if you do not know them, are quite similar to the bass, and although not very LARGE, reach weights if they are highly sought after by many anglers. The place where you can find better fishing spot is on the beaches, almost always lurking near the shore when the tide is high. The most convenient times are early in the morning or when evening is falling. The most efficient method to capture it with your spinning rod and bait minnows is using artificial holding. You find the resemblance to the mackerel or anchovies, they are the favorites.  It is important to note that you should try to collect the artificial ones so that when you come to be against the current, you will have SURPRISE catches.

2 – Lead more convenient for the currents: It is true that many times when you make your throw, your bait is washed up in a violent manner. That is why the role of LEADS when developing fisheries fund is so important. I recommend that when you notice before launching, the ocean current of where you are fishing is strong enough, immediately put some lead having much needed hooks so you can stick in the background and bear the brunt of the outlet. If you make what you say, you will see that the stings will increase dramatically because the shed and bait will be well supported by good choice of lead.

3 – Corchero at night: For me in particular, this technique has worked for me for a long time. There are fishermen who say it is not effective, but in my experience, it is quite the opposite. Now, it is important that you follow these tips: is the place you chose for corchero at night known to you beforehand? The cork in the evening is required to be almost static in a single fishing to make good catches, first because it is a bit dangerous to walk among the rocks of the shore at night, and secondly you must put yourself in a fish that you have reference in the daily schedule are good cut into the area. This will be the key to be able to mine the site of many species of fish, and finally attempt to use the floating buoy and phosphorescent color. A small hook to the buoy and you will be paralyzed when making a catch with your static buoy, just for the bright color you have.

4 – Good size Sargos: And finally I want you to know what you should do to capture the larger bream found in the area. Almost always, the shoals of bream and crappie are very abundant, but the average size is small and therefore would play you find some rock away to observe some depth, but the key is presented on how well your bait attracts the largest. 2 or 3 shrimps in a single hook may be a good option, or a bunch of worms of good thickness could also give you very good results. When you manage to get the first good size, DO NOT LEAVE THE PLACE because there is a possibility to make several good catches there.


Put to the test those just mentioned. If you still do not make fisheries for these areas, you can also use these tips on the shores of your country of residence. I am equally sure that the results will be beneficial. So next time you think about taking some time off to travel, think about traveling to go fishing because you won’t be disappointed.

Traveling to Fly Fish

Bull Trout UnderwaterPhoto Credit:USFWS Mountain-Prairie

For those of you who think that the only traveling that can be done is to a hotel room and a shopping mall, you are missing out on so much of what life has to offer. I recently spent some time doing a Jeep tour near Zion in southern Utah where we actually we able to do some fly fishing. It was a wonderful experience where I learned so much about the perch, pike, and roach of fly fishing. No traveling isn’t just hotels and bars, it can very much be jeeps, fishing, and the stars.

Here are some tips for fly fishing that I learned.


Perch fishing should operate in a limited spinners or Jig. Also, small lures can try to fool it. Groupers often thrive on tips, headlands, and bays close to the beach. Small perch often move in large flocks. Those about 15-20cm long usually move in flocks of 3-5 fishes. Perch are generally large and are individually lower bass deeper.


Pikes should use fish lure, spoon or large peak, although it might be that even large pike hit into a small box. The use of pike is encouraged to try to water the crop at the edges. You can even throw it in the middle of lumpeikkoa where the catch is always better. Pikes do not move in flocks.


If you really want to fish for roach, take a worm-fishing rod. It is close to the beach to fish worth. Roaches often move in large flocks, so you instantly get a lot of fish.Spin does not break a lot of time to try, even though it may come even if you have a very compact lure.


Always get the fish you do not need back into the water where you got them. Do not ever take a small fish. It can still spawn and the water comes all the more fish for fishermen to enjoy. Smash hardly worth it just to keep in any case, because it is so bony that the right fit for food, at least not for humans.


Quick International Travel Tips

Here are best international travel tips; watch out for bag fees. Both international and US airlines are charging happy fees for those bags, don’t over packed either, 50 pounds or more will cost you hundreds.

Don’t forget to make sure that your passport is up to date and check your destination country’s consulate for unusual rules. Save money and use your frequent flyer miles for overseas trips.

This is ideal for times when your travel date can’t be flexible. Travel the tips even, summer is super expensive and winter is the cheapest. Fly to cheaper European cities like Dublin, once you arrived you can take a low cost airline like Orion Air to your favorite European destination.

Always do your research beforehand. Spend some time to figure out what you want to do before you get there. I wouldn’t have yourself so bogged down with appointments that you forget its a vacation, but having a lot of options of things to go and do and the information on them is invaluable when you’re traveling internationally.

Be aware of any local problems as well, sometimes something political or social is happening in an area that makes it much harder to have a safe and fun vacation. But as long as you are putting things together beforehand you should be fine.

Like is wonderful, lets get out and experience it more through traveling.

Need to Know When Traveling With an Infant

Air traveling can be stressful enough when you have to bring children or even one child, it could be a real challenge if you need to take an infant with you. There is limited space inside the plane and the air pressure will surely hurt the baby’s ears. Prior to boarding, the infant will have to deal with the crowd and the endless announcements from the loud speakers. These things are not normal for babies and may irritate them to no end. We had to deal with these issues with our baby when we did a photo tour of hwy 12 Utah photos.

Leaving Bryce, along Hwy 12

Photo Credit: -ted

If you think flying with children requires planning, flying with an infant requires double of that planning. Though airlines are said to be baby-friendly these days, there could still be some difficulties and instances that may turn a flight into a frustrating or even a disastrous one.

The first thing you should do if you have to take you infant on a flight is to prepare yourself. If you are not ready, do not expect the child or everybody else to be. You are the one responsible for the baby’s welfare therefore you are the one to be extra ready for the worse.

Planning Stage
This starts with preparation of the required documents, flight booking, airfare payments, listing down what you need to bring, and stuffs you do before you go to the airport. At this stage, you also need to decide if you want to put the baby on your lap for the rest of the flight or you can buy a ticket and bring a car seat. There are strollers that can be convertible into car seat and you may already have them at home.

At the Airport
You have to be prepared on how you can easily navigate checking in, make sure the documents are easily accessible to you. Then you have to go through the security screening and the gate area. These can be very difficult for both you and the child, but if you come prepared the hassles will just pass through.

During the Flight
At the pre-boarding stage the child may start to whine, it is therefore ideal if you can put the baby to sleep. This may be hard especially since there will be a lot of people and napping may not be possible for the baby. Always have something for the baby to play with. And do not forget to keep the bottle formula handy at all times. Most times, the first few minutes on board are the hardest, usually though a child behaves as soon as he/she realized that everything will be fine after all. If the baby cried, do not be too upset, everyone on board will understand that even if some people will not probably like it. Just try to cajole the baby into good mood, you must know what makes your baby happy and quiet, so do your best trick here.

All in all, flying with an infant will never be an easy thing. There will be hassles no matter how well-behaved an infant is. The best thing to keep in mind is that the whole flying thing is not going to take a lifetime, in a few hours, everything will be back to normal.

Tips for Going Solo – Single Traveling

Traveling alone can have its benefits, of being able to enjoy new surroundings and indulge in new experiences on your own. But single traveling can have its perils as well. When you are alone in a new place that you’re visiting for the first time, issues such as loneliness and safety concerns can be paramount. Some common sense though with a little preparation can save you a lot of trouble and some money too but still allow you to do fantastic things like my recent Zion jeep tours trip to southern Utah.


Reasons Why People Travel Alone- There are many reasons why people travel alone and some of them include:

  • Business or Work-related reasons – if you are required to travel due to business or work-related reason then you have no choice but to go solo. Mostly, in cases like this, there is no need to worry about safety and loneliness because you will be busy with your traveling objectives.
  • Self-indulgence – there are just some people who have always dreamed of exploring a new destination on their own. This usually results in ideal self-discovery.
  • To experience new challenges – this is usually the ultimate reason. Nothing beats the thrill of getting over new challenges without any help from anyone. If you fail, no one is there to criticize you. If you succeed you know that you singly deserve every merit.

Benefits of Solo Traveling- If there are reasons to travel alone, it only means that there are benefits too like the following:

  • You will be in complete control – you can either set your travel itinerary or you can also ditch that and no one is going to be affected.
  • You also will be able to spend only what you want to spend. There will be no one to tell you not to buy this or to try that.
  • It is also easier to make new friends because there will be no one to tell you not to trust anyone.
  • You are also not answerable to anyone, you can eat whenever and wherever you like. You can even stay in bed the whole day if you want too.
  • You can also be more reflective and observant regarding all your new discoveries. No one is going to contradict you on all kinds of exciting insights about you will have about yourself and the new world you are discovering.
  • Finally, it is always a little more fulfilling to be able to come home and prove to everyone that you were able to pull it through.

There are a few safety measures to consider though if you are going to travel on your own:

  • Research well – do not embark on a new adventure on your own unless you know everything you need to know about the place you are visiting.
  • Try to look confident – if you start looking confused you will look obviously alone in a strange place.
  • Blend with the locals – this may not be easy if you are a Caucasian in an Asian country or vice-versa. But you can still do this by trying to look like you know where you are going all the time.
  • Ask for advice only from authorities – if you need to ask for directions, make sure you do it before you leave your hotel. Or if you got lost along the way, always look for police officers or establishment security guards.

Solo traveling is definitely not for everyone, but if you think you are ready for it, be sure that you know exactly what you are getting into.

Photo Credit: John Fowler

Ten Important Things – Female Travelers Must Bring

Female backpackers travel light, but they also manage you stay good looking along the way. How do they do that? Simple, they only bring the essential traveling items like the following:

  1. Their most comfortable bras. It is always better to travel with an extra pair. If you are backpacking there will be no time for the lacy undies so better bring the comfy ones.
  2. A bandanna or probably two bandannas  These items are easy to wash and dry off and can be reused after a few hours. They are also very lightweight so that means that they do not take up much room in your bag. You can actually wear them all the time. They are functional as headbands, belts, towel substitutes, pouch, tourniquet for emergencies, eye masks and of course they can cover your head during those bad hair days.
  3. Tampons. There are easier to carry around than sanitary napkins. Actually you must bring them with you because they may not be available where you’re going.
  4. Lots of hair or rubber bands. For women with long hair these are absolute necessities. These are cheap items and they also do not take much room.
  5. Condoms. You may not be planning to have sex while traveling but if you are going with your husband or a lover, this should be a necessity. It could also be possible that your companion has some on his bag. For solo women travelers, it can be a safety measure just in case you get lucky.
  6. Several pairs of underwear. Two to three pairs are okay, but to be on the safe side you can add another pair. It is always a good feeling to wear fresh undies even if you have to go trekking back and forth. Besides extra pair of undies take little room too.
  7. A nice dress or a cute outfit. Backpacking does not necessarily mean there will be no time for parties. You may be invited to dine, drink and dance at a certain night so you’d better come prepared. Even if no one invites you, it is always good to go out and be pretty once in a while.
  8. Minimal makeup. You can leave your gigantic make up kit at home. You are going backpacking and not on a photo shoot. Powder, lipstick, lip gloss and mascara will do the job of making you look good for those souvenir photos.
  9. Two-in-one toiletries. Instead of bring a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner, why don’t you bring a shampoo with conditioner bottle. You can also bring sun block with moisturizer or lipstick that comes with a brush. You need to understand the need to keep thing minimal to make use of your bag space to the maximum.
  10. Different sizes of Ziploc bags. These items are as lightweight as rubber bands and like bandannas  they have many uses. Just take a few and you will be very thankful that you did in the end.

Before getting on that plane, you have to make sure to check and recheck your baggage. Although there is a good chance that you can buy your necessities at your destination, it is always better if you can come prepared for emergencies.