Traveling to Fly Fish

Bull Trout UnderwaterPhoto Credit:USFWS Mountain-Prairie

For those of you who think that the only traveling that can be done is to a hotel room and a shopping mall, you are missing out on so much of what life has to offer. I recently spent some time doing a Jeep tour near Zion in southern Utah where we actually we able to do some fly fishing. It was a wonderful experience where I learned so much about the perch, pike, and roach of fly fishing. No traveling isn’t just hotels and bars, it can very much be jeeps, fishing, and the stars.

Here are some tips for fly fishing that I learned.


Perch fishing should operate in a limited spinners or Jig. Also, small lures can try to fool it. Groupers often thrive on tips, headlands, and bays close to the beach. Small perch often move in large flocks. Those about 15-20cm long usually move in flocks of 3-5 fishes. Perch are generally large and are individually lower bass deeper.


Pikes should use fish lure, spoon or large peak, although it might be that even large pike hit into a small box. The use of pike is encouraged to try to water the crop at the edges. You can even throw it in the middle of lumpeikkoa where the catch is always better. Pikes do not move in flocks.


If you really want to fish for roach, take a worm-fishing rod. It is close to the beach to fish worth. Roaches often move in large flocks, so you instantly get a lot of fish.Spin does not break a lot of time to try, even though it may come even if you have a very compact lure.


Always get the fish you do not need back into the water where you got them. Do not ever take a small fish. It can still spawn and the water comes all the more fish for fishermen to enjoy. Smash hardly worth it just to keep in any case, because it is so bony that the right fit for food, at least not for humans.